Wanna MEOW?

#1 the Planet MEOW

OnMeowZ was born on an unknown planet called “MEOW”.
All the cats on that planet MEOW have their mission to protect our beautiful universe.

#2 The MEOWz heard the MEOWing from the earth

When Meows were fighting against the darkness of the universe, MEOWs heard the meowing sound from the planet earth. The meowing sound from the cats on the planet earth was about the great danger to the earth because of greedy human activities. Meows decided to leave for the earth to save their friends, who are the cats on the earth.

#3 Calling the MEOWz to the earth

The cats on the earth also heard that the MEOWz are coming to save them!
However, since the Meow planet is greatly far from the planet earth, they need to figure out how the MEOW can come to the earth via the special way… which they found at the INNO Platform.

#4 Play to mint OnMeowZ

The cats found they can deliver the MEOWz safely to the earth via minting them into NFT! INNO PICK will be launched at INNO Platform to mint OnMeowZ NFT by playing games there. After they arrive on the planet earth, we finally can hear their plans More.
For earth’s safety, wanna join our meowing?
Road map

Phase 1 : Play and MINT

1. Users can mint NFT by playing specific games at INNO Platform 2. OMZ holders will be considered as key users at the INNO Platform, having more benefits than others.
(ONBUFF’s new planet token airdrops, whitelists for events, higher chance to win a raffle, etc.)

Phase 2 : Stake to earn

1. OMZ will have a staking feature at INNO Platform. 2. The longer you stake your OMZ, the higher your OMZ’s levels are over time. 3. Higher level NFTs will have more benefits than lower NFT holders.

Phase 3 : Merge to earn

1. OMZ will be able to be merged to mint rarer OMZs. 2. The rarer your OMZs are, the more benefits will be added than others

Phase 4 : OnMeowZ in-game

1. OMZ will be used in P2E game at the end. 2. OMZ will move and be alive in the game verse
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